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FELIX PINCHI AGUIRRE Divine Connection Tapestry (UV Reactive)

FELIX PINCHI AGUIRRE Divine Connection Tapestry (UV Reactive)

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~ SUNIRUNA visionary painting workshop. ~

MISSION - The workshop's mission is to promote and train young children in the Amazonian Cultural Visionary arts to revalue their worldview and expose them to the visionary world. To publicize their value and importance of their beliefs through their art, also to help create links with other cultures and artists interested in practicing visionary Amazonian art and contribute to the flourishing of a better World. Priority free classes will be given to children of at least ten years of age, of low economic status, the school will be open to all, without discrimination and in the same conditions and respecting the Ancestral philosophy of original knowledge.

VIEW - Serve as a bridge to train young artists with education and becoming a good example to society making more individuals aware of their cultural tradition. Create an art gallery to exhibit its artistic and cultural production, build country houses for visitors who want to receive classes sharing with students away from the city in a fresh environment and abundant wealth of flora and fauna.

Each product purchased will help contribute towards this artists cause to start a visionary art school in Peru !!! Please help set intention if you wish to be a contributor to the global visionary art world...

Tapestry material is 100% fine count Polyester.

* You can use them as bed sheets or table coverings as well...!!! *


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