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In a world where public goods funding is not abundant and bountiful, many organizations who believe in the importance of public goods are often looking for novel ways to fund them.

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The Public Goods Network (PGN) is a new L2 specifically designed to support public goods. It has the same fast, cost-efficient, and scalable features that come with an L2, but with the added benefit of collecting funding for your favorite public goods projects.

About Public Goods Network 

Public Goods Network (PGN) is a low-cost Layer 2 (L2) built on top of Ethereum for supporting public goods. It is built on the Bedrock version of OP Stack, in collaboration with Optimism and powered by Conduit.

Part of the Superchain Ecosystem

If you would like to support establishing sustainable, legitimate, and deep revenue sources for public goods, PGN is your new go-to L2 Network.

Building and using dApps on L2s provides revenue for the organization or alliance that builds it.

PGN will dedicate the vast majority of this revenue to fund public goods, rather than directing profits to venture capitalists.

This means, simply by using the network, you are supporting public goods and public goods projects.


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