Retro PGN is a form of fundraising that makes contributions easily accessible to anyone who wants to make a direct donation.

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Seeds of optimism & hope.

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PGN Bridge

A native PGN currency

$SEED is part of an independent grassroots initiative led by impact makers who are part of the public goods ecosystem. The activity generated from the deployment of these seeds planted on the Public Goods Network help to sustain the growth of ecosystem.

Buidl PGN & help grow the strength of the public goods ecosystem with fellow impact makers who are vision and mission aligned.

The future of SEED 

To start off, the seeds are sent out in the form of a SBT (soul bound token) which is in the germination phase. After the initial distribution of the seeds to the RetroPGN.eth vault & contributors of PGN, other creators can deploy a project for their chance to claim $SEED.


Imagine the potential we have to unlock the seeds in a mass coordination effort to help regenerate the Public Goods Network.

$SEED will dedicate the treasury of 420,000,000 tokens to builder rewards.

69,000 $SEED will be used during the initial distribution to contributors of PGN from the past.

$SEED is for buidlers who are willing to help contribute to the network.

Have fun buidling !


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